TripAdvisor Reviews for Vallarta Food Tours

“A tasty, learning, friendly good time”

Reviewed September 20, 2015
“Truly loved every second of this tour. From the ease of booking, the delicious food, great drinks, to the amazingly fun tour guide, every moment if this tour is phenomenal and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about visiting Puerto Vallarta or even perhaps a newcomer who now calls PV home and looking to get acclimated, this tour is for you. This tour is for everyone!!!!!” – Chauncey J

“Most tasty and friendly tour ever!!!!!!”

Reviewed September 12, 2015
“For starters, Alex our tour guide was amazing!!!! Not only was he knowledgable, but he was so nice, warm, & inviting, along with each vendor, their workers, and even their patrons. So by the time we got to the amazing food it was no surprise at all, because you could just taste the love and warmth of the people in every single bite we took.

We highly recommend this tour for anyone looking for an affordable, delicious, and laughing good time. We brought our one year old for the ride , & even he too had a blast!!! So whether you’re coming by yourself, with the kids, on a date, even rain or shine, if you are in Vallarta you shouldn’t leave without taking one of the Vallarta Food Tours!!!!” – Alexandria J

“Real Mexico – away from tourist area, delicious local food – highly recommended”

Reviewed August 10, 2015
“My brother-in-law and I got an escape from the kids to join the Pittilal tour in a central commercial area of Puerto Vallarta – removed from the tourist areas, in fact we didn’t see any tourists there at all. The place was filled with locals. Our guide was Alex, who speaks perfect English, and he was very charismatic and knowledgeable. In fact, I’d say that the two things that made the tour excellent were the food, and Alex.

We visited seven different locations, all of which were fantastic. It included seafood, pork, beef, goat, fruit, and popsicles. We went to hole-in-the-wall places, roadside stalls, and a nice house. Along the way, Alex shared stories of the food and restaurants’ histories, cooking styles, ingredients, etc. and even took us into some local shops where we saw some apparently highly sought-after saddles being made, local medicinal concoctions, and even actual sugar (no, not the processed kind) and chocolate (100% dark – cacao beans).

Overall would highly recommend taking a few hours to see how the locals live and eat, and experience this. The food is fresher than at the resorts, and tastes better. No American style burritos here.

I was concerned at first about how safe the food would be, but neither me nor my brother-in-law had any issues.” – TrihikerSF

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